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Make Payments On UFO Streams IPTV Account

To make a payment on our UFO Streams IPTV account, do the following (this gives you additional months of service):

Important - You don't have to log into the Firewonder.com to make a payment. You can just follow the instructions below. Once completed we will credit your account appopriately.

1. Go to our website Firewonder.com

2. Select the product with the number of devices that fits your needs. We have UFO Streams IPTV products for 1 Device, 2 Devices, and 3-4 Devices.

3. Make your product selection and the number months in the quantity section of the product page.

4. Then make your purchase using your credit card or Cash App.

Once your purchase is made and your Credit Card or Cash App purchase is processed, we will credit your UFO TV Streams IPTV within an hour of purchase.